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Rare Savage Dragon Comics: Introductory Post

By Benjamin Nobel, September 16, 2015

About four years ago I started a blog about rare TMNT comics and misprints. I found it was an enjoyable outlet for sharing thoughts and information with other collectors. I had no idea if anyone would actually read the blog, but it turns out people did. Apparently — according to the statistics WordPress gives me — lots of collectors are out there Googling for information on particular TMNT comics (especially issue #1 and the various misprints) and if they are searching for one I wrote about, they often land on my blog.

Over the years, people have contacted me through the blog to ask questions, share information, even offer me comic books for sale. I even learned about a comic or two from readers that I hadn’t encountered before, but then became interested in collecting. So all in all, creating and adding to that blog over the years has been a positive experience.

That blog was the first time I ever sat down and put thoughts onto virtual paper about my comic hobby, for anyone out there in the world to read. At the time I started it, I myself was searching for information on a particular TMNT comic and had a hard time Googling things up… I ended up contacting Mirage and Diamond Comics directly, and received key information. So, it seemed like a blog to collect and share all that information would fill a void.

I see a similar void today with certain Savage Dragon comics. For example, anecdotal evidence tells me many people don’t know about the existence of Graphic Fantasy #1. It also seems many people don’t know that CGC tracks newsstand copies of Limited Edition #1 as a variant, or that such copies only represented on the order of 1% of the total distribution, giving them 1-in-100 rarity. And in general, if someone became interested in Savage Dragon comics today and wanted to set out to form a collection of particularly interesting comics, they probably could benefit from reviewing a list of “contenders” that another collector found interesting. With the news of Erik Larsen having written a Savage Dragon screenplay in hopes of a future film, the timing also seems to align with potential future interest in Savage Dragon comics ahead of the possible movie.

Much like the TMNT, Savage Dragon ranks among my favorite characters (as does Spawn, and I am also putting together a blog to highlight rare Spawn comics that can be found under $25 each). The format I envision for this Savage Dragon blog is to present (over time) my own personal list of Savage Dragon comics I found the most fun and challenging to find. Rather than being an exhaustive list, it will just be examples of my own choosing, but each one will be rare and interesting in some way. Each blog entry will profile one particular comic.

Stay tuned for my first entry; and thanks for stopping by!


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